Because we do not know how all the data is defined in each form, we must simply do a data dump for the export.   Because all the data for a single form type may not always be in the same cell, we have attached an example VLOOKUP spreadsheet.  It helps to parse the data by field instead of cell.

Gravity Only

The Advanced List field is a special field for the export because it can be 0-many rows.  On the CSV DATA tab, the data is parsed using:

=TRIM(MID(SUBSTITUTE($F$15,"|",REPT(" ",LEN($F$15))),(E18)*LEN($F$15)+1,LEN($F$15)))  Where F15 is the data field and E18 is the counter of records from 0-max.  In the example in the attached spreadsheet, up to 12 medication records will be shown (my example only has 3).  When you create the Advanced List field, you can set up a max.