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Once the HIPAA form has been submitted, encrypted and stored, access to that form data is only available though the WordPress backed using the HIPAA Forms Plugin.  There are 4 options to access the data:

  • View Form
  • Print Form
  • Print to PDF
  • PDF Generate
  • Export

View Form

The Submitted Forms tab allows access to the form data.  You will see a list of all the forms available (depending on user).  The Toggle allows to open and view the form data.  Two videos that show all the fields and how to search:

Opening Forms, Archiving Forms and adding Notes

How to user Search Function in HIPAA Forms

Print Form  

Printing a Form

Print to PDF

Generating an non-encrypted PDF version of a Form without password protection

PDF Generate

Generating an encrypted password-protected PDF version of a Form


Is there Mass Export of Forms?

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