There are two places in the tool to set up email notifications.  The first is at the Form level.

Once you get to your form, choose Email Notification "Custom".  This will allow you to receive notifications specific to each form.  The other fields allow for the customization of the email notification.

The default email notification is at the Master level - for all forms, unless custom is chosen for specific form(s).

Default Notifications:

If you leave the "Send Notifications To" field empty in the Notifications tab (using Default option), the email notifications will be sent to the email notifications defined for the form in either Caldera or Gravity.  If you are using the custom email notification for a form and you leave the "Send Notifications to" field blank in the custom form field, the plugin will populate that field with the WordPress Administration Email Address (Settings/General in Wordpress).


The "Send Notifications To" field will send a notification email if the fallback button is NOT populated.  Additionally, by separating by commas, more than one email can be notified.  If the Fallback is clicked, this email will ONLY receive an email if one is NOT set up at the form level - only as a fallback.  The full description is below: