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** Caldera Support has ended  - As of March 31, 2022 Caldera Forms is no longer supported. LINK  This includes security updates. Although HIPAA Forms has not changed the Caldera integration, because Caldera is not longer updating security, HIPAA forms does not know if there may be any HIPAA security issues. There is no migration path to Gravity Forms. If you want to remain on HIPAA Forms you will need to recreate your forms in Gravity. However, your old Caldera forms will integrate with any new Gravity forms - they will appear in the same view on the back end of HIPAA Forms.

NOTE: The HIPAA Web Forms plugin does not use the default submission process built into Caldera or Gravity as this would not be HIPAA/PIPEDA compliant. Because of this some of the default functionality and add-ons aren't compatible with our plugin.

One common point of confusion is how email notifications are handled and how to set them. While you can add an email to the form notification settings of your Caldera or Gravity form, you can not use magic tags (variables that use the {} characters) or build your notification message in Caldera or Gravity.

This is restricted by design as it would open up the ability to pass E-PHI from the form to the email notification instantly making your form non-compliant. Instead you need to build your email notification message from the HIPAA Web Forms plugin under the settings tab->notifications sub-tab or within the selected form settings. From this interface we do allow a few magic tags restricted to non-health data like form name, name, phone, email, location, etc.

Documentation:  E-Mail Notification Options

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