Here are examples of label customizations for labels:

This section will allows the change of the font weight (or any other formatting) for all labels. The plugin label default is font-weight 700.  * for PDF Generate, only 400 or normal and 700 or bold work  They are the only font weights available.

.cm-hipaa-submitted-form-fields label,

.pdf-body .gfield_label {
font-weight: 400;

The code above will change all the of the labels for the entire form.  This includes the labels for checkbox list labels (for example).  This section will change the labels for checkboxes list to font-weight 400

.pdf-body .gfield_checkbox li,
.cm-hipaa-submitted-form-fields .gfield_checkbox li label {
font-weight: 400;

To change the characteristic of a single field label, use this code (gravity form 30, field 1):

.pdf-body #field_30_1 span,
.cm-hipaa-submitted-form-fields #field_30_1 label {
color: green;}