** Caldera Support has ended  - As of March 31, 2022 Caldera Forms is no longer supported. LINK  This includes security updates. Although HIPAA Forms has not changed the Caldera integration, because Caldera is not longer updating security, HIPAA forms does not know if there may be any HIPAA security issues. There is no migration path to Gravity Forms. If you want to remain on HIPAA Forms you will need to recreate your forms in Gravity. However, your old Caldera forms will integrate with any new Gravity forms - they will appear in the same view on the back end of HIPAA Forms.

The Location field can be used to sort forms.  Although the field class needs to be defined as Location, the content could be a doctor or a status, for example.  By calling a callback On Change in the form, you could populate the Location field with needed data for sorting.

Caldera would be similar, but here is Gravity documentation


.on('change', function(){}