Forms can only be submitted and viewed from the domain you added to your HIPAA FORMS Service subscription account at the time of checkout.

When a request is made to the HIPAA FORMS Service API it does a check against your license key, domain and if a BAA agreement has been signed.  If any of those things are not valid the API request is denied and an error will be returned specifying what the issue is.

Only one license key and domain is allowed per subscription meaning you can NOT use the same license or domain on more than one website.

This is done as an additional security measure to ensure that even if a license key is stolen form data would not be accessible.

If you need to change the domain associated with your license key you can do so by logging in at, click on the “subscriptions” tab and then click on the subscription ID of the subscription you want to change the domain for.  You can also submit a support ticket or give us a call and we can change the domain for you.